Travel Assistance

Cardinal is spreading their wings and needing Fort Wayne's help. We're in need of people from the Fort Wayne area to come work for Cardinal. Does Travel bother you? Well, we're offering travel plans for you to get to Cardinal and back home. Cardinal is offering a one of a kind shuttle service that will get you to work and you won't have to worry about driving. 

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Competitive Hourly Wages:

  • $14.60 per hour starting wage for most positions. (Maintenance Technicians start out at $19.60 per hour)
  • Increase to $14.85 after 90 days
  • Increase to $15.10 after 6 months
  • Increase to $15.60 after 1 year
  • Increase to $16.10 after 2 years
  • $1.00 shift premium 2nd/3rd Shift
  • Profit Share 
    • If Cardinal makes money, you make money!
    • If Cardinal does well and production is up, we reward all employees by sharing the profits. 
    • Employees averaged 22% in 2018 - so that's an extra $3.41/hour or an extra paycheck per month!

Additional Benefits:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • 9 Paid Holidays
  • Paid Time Off
  • Onsite MFR (Mayo Facial Release) for home and work-related, repetitive function fatigue & other Onsite Healthcare options (listed below)
  • 401K Savings & Retiremen
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